Don’t Ignore Your Roof Gutters

Gutter Cleaning

Taking an out of sight, out of mind philosophy toward your gutters could cost you big bucks down the road for roofing repairs and even basement repairs. But a nationwide Angie’s List poll reveals that one-third of respondents are keeping their heads down and not taking care of their clogged gutters. Angie’s List found one-third of respondents don’t plan to clean their gutters this fall even though nearly 20 percent of them admit they’ve had damage as a result of not tackling this chore. Call Texas Metal Roof Contractors to have your gutters cleaned, and you’ll also get a no-obligation free roofing inspection.

Gutters are Important for the Health of Your Roof

Keeping your gutters clean is part of proper roof maintenance. Gutters direct rainwater off your roof and away from your home. When they are full of leaves, muck, and twigs, water runs off the roof instead or pools under the eaves. By not funneling water away from the house through gutters and downspouts, homeowners are inviting ice damning in the winter, wood rot and foundation leakage as water seeks places to pool. In warmer climates, that pooling water attracts pests like termites, and the moisture can lead to a leaking roof and mold issues.


Gutter Cleaning

Safely Cleaning Cutters Yourself

Many Houston homeowners will attempt to clean the gutters themselves, and many of them will have accidents. Nearly 10 percent of Angie’s List poll respondents reported knowing someone who had gotten hurt by falling from a ladder while working on gutters. If you don’t have the right equipment or your house has a complicated roofline, consider hiring professional Houston roofing contractor to help. Gutter cleaning is not only dangerous, but wet leaves make for a messy job.

Advice on gutter cleaning:

  • Have a helper: Thousands of people die each year from falls while working on ladders. If you’re going to tackle the job yourself get someone to stabilize the ladder for you and be there to help.
  • Ladder safety: Make certain your ladder is long enough for the task and wear shoes that have excellent traction.
  • Scoop it up: Put on some gloves and scoop out leaves, sticks, and other debris that may be clogging gutters and spouts.
  • Get out the hose: After the debris is removed, use the water hose for a final rinse to check that water is efficiently moving through your downspouts.
  • Clear obstructions: If the water fails to drain freely use a plumbing snake to clear the clog from the bottom up.
  • Don’t forget to check gutter screens/guards: Check that these are not damaged or clogged with leaves. Carefully lift the guards to avoid damaging them and remove any leaves or debris found under them and reinstall properly.
  • Check insurance: When hiring a professional, check that the company is insured – ask to see their policy. Check that YOU have enough homeowners insurance.
  • Twice a year: Plan on cleaning your gutters between the fall and springtime.
  • Rest up! Take frequent breaks, especially when working on a ladder.
  • Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, make sure they are correctly attached to the roof.